Znalostní management na organizační úrovni

Vladimír Bureš, Pavel Čech


At present we can read in the scientific literature about the two similar terms, knowledge management and management of knowledge. Although some authors regard these two terms as synomyms, there are significant differences. The workshop will emphasize some of the basic differences between these two notions and focus on the knowledge management from various perspectives. First perspective is conceptual in which the definitions of knowledge, knowledge management or intellectual capital are explained. Furthermore, some general frameworks of the knowledge management can also be included into the first perspective. The second perspective concentrates on knowledge processes in the organisations, their identification and description. It is followed by the technological perspective aimed at finding an appropriate support in the form of modern ICT. The organisational perspective then focuses on the organisational issues connected with the introduction of knowledge management in the organisation. Very important perspective is the implementation one, which shows the way how knowledge management is implemented into the organisation. The last perspective is the managerial one that is based on the use of appropriate managerial methods and approaches that foster knowledge management in the organisation.