AMIF 2009 Book

Selected papers was published by IOS Press publisher in a series "Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments" in the book with the title "Ambient Intelligence Perspectives".

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AMIF 2008 Book

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Promises for 2010 - ISTAG Report Revisited

Since the AMIF 2010 conference was cancelled and some of the papers submitted have been withdrawn, unfortunately, despite our intentions, it is no longer possible to compile a consistent book complying with the quality of the edition series. Therefore, the organization committee decided to outline a unifying concept of the publication and issue a new call for individual chapters.

Chapters must fit into the framework given by the vision published in so called ISTAG “Scenarios for Ambient Intelligence in 2010” report, otherwise they cannot be published. Each chapter should focus on a current level of a specific technology implementation or a present status of social, legal, economic etc. aspects outlined in one of the vision’s scenarios. Along with the new call, new deadlines are set and submitted papers will be re-reviewed.

We would hereby also like to apologize for any inconvenience caused to you by the conference cancellation.

AMIF 2010 Organizing Committee

Pavel Čech

Ludmila Nerudová
Chief Conference Coordinator
AMIF 2010

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